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Over the last twenty years, Camden, New Jersey has been experiencing an inspiring renaissance.

Through the hard work of the City of Camden, Camden County, the State of New Jersey, Cooper's Ferry Partnership and many other stakeholder non-profits and community organizations, the future is brighter today for Camden than it has been in quite some time. 

Camden's unique system of support and infrastructure programs combined with the central geographic location and growing economic potential of the area make Camden an ideal location for living, working or investing. Local businesses have realized the advantages this City provides, and recent years have seen large growth and success in many sectors.

Revitalization in Camden is supported by government initiatives such as the Economic Recovery Board (ERB), which has provided a comprehensive redevelopment strategy for the City, and is supported by the collaborative efforts of State and local organizations. Over $60 million in project financing through ERB's $175 million allocation has been approved for over 21 projects in Camden, and these efforts have leveraged over $1 billion in private investments. 

The ERB is just one of the unique support advantages of relocating to the City of Camden. The ERB has invested in infrastructure improvements, and initiated economic development projects. More than 1,750 new homes are under development, and planning is under way for more than 7,000 new homes. ERB's efforts have created more than 1,700 expected new jobs. More than $110 million is still available to the City of Camden, and other agencies are working in partnership with the ERB on a variety of programs. Growth is also supported by the Urban Enterprise Zone, the Camden Empowerment Zone, the Urban Transit Hub Tax Credit, the 5-4-3-2-1 Program, the Camden County Chamber of Commerce, the Camden County Economic Development Authority, and business support and development programs and seminars.


Our team has over 15 years of experience buying, rehabbing and selling wholesale real estate. We follow a simple approach. Find affordable homes with positive cash flow potential, rehab them in 30-60 days, lease, manage and collect rental income.

We specialize in residential and commercial properties in Camden, NJ. Our mission is to give investors an opportunity to purchase high return income properties at an affordable investment. In the process, contribute to the redevelopment and revitalization of Camden, NJ. 


  • Working directly with investors to purchase properties from our vast inventory.
  • Offering ground level opportunity at very low prices
  • Providing comprehensive property management services
  • Turn key solution
    • Tenant Screening and placement
    • Tenant Removal
    • Rent Collection
    • Rent Deposits
    • Property Bills(Payments)
    • Property maintenance issues


Market Value $65,000

Month $900
Year $10,800
Expenses (Yearly)

Taxes (Estimated) $800
Insurance (Estimated) $800
Water & sewer (Estimated)* $600
Electric - paid by tenant 0
Maintenance (Estimated) $200
Management 10% (Actual) $1,080
Total 3,580*
*paid by tenant in most cases

Rental Income $10,800
Expenses $3,580 / $2,980*
Net Profits $7,220 / $7,820*
ROI 11.1% / 12.0%*

Camden's top cop tells nation: 'Remarkable transformation' underway

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